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History of CEF, Hyderabad
  A Quiet Start
The CEF, Hyderabad ministry was started by Mr. Arnold, the National Director in 1973. He came at the invitation of Mr. Premanandam and Mr. Ben Hur Luke and together they visited some Christian leaders. With the help of Mr. Premanandam, Mr. Ben Hur Luke, and Mr. Manasseh, the CEF ministry got off to a quiet start.

Miss Agatha Martens assists the ministry
At the behest of Mr. Arnold, the local Christian leaders wrote to the Head Office and sought the presence of Miss. Agatha Martens. The presence of Miss A Martens resulted in a blessed and fruitful ministry that reached out to to the little ones. She assisted churches by helping them be more effective in reaching and teaching their children. She was ably assisted by Mrs. Vinyanandam who took her around introduced her to many schools and Christians who were interested in beginning this great and effective ministry.

The ministry gains momentum
The first Good News clubs were started in the Luck’s home in Mettuguda, and Mrs. Hastings' home in Malkajgiri. The first training was held at the SPG Church compound. Also, the first ten day Summer Teacher Training was conducted in Aler in 1975 with the help of Rev. Green of India Missions.

CEF, Hyderabad becomes an organized ministry
As the work began to grow and spread the need was felt for a committee. The first committee was headed by the Late. Mr. V. Yesudas as the first Chairman, Mr. Jayamani Rao as the Treasurer and the Late Mr. Jayaraj Ebenezer as the Secretary.

Reaching out
Soon the staff began to increase with Mr. C. S. Dhas, Mr. Michael, Ms. Sukanya, and Mr. Pradeep helping to spread the ministry to different areas of Andhra Pradesh. With the contact of Mrs. Pearl Gordon in Vizag, CEF got a footing and much ministry was started with training camps, children’s camps and Good News clubs. Many were trained by CEF and with the help of Mr. Ramya Raju, the ministry spread in Vizag and its neighbouring disctricts.

This step into Vizag was the beginning for ministry to expand as 6 young people went for a ten day Training to Vikarabad in 1978. God called two of them into full time ministry with CEF. After initially working as volunteer teachers in Vizag they attended the 3 months LTI in 1982 they joined in CEF Hyderabad from October 1st 1982.

In 1983, Miss. Martens left for Furlough, Canada. She returned after one year to say she feels the Lord is calling her to start the ministry in a new place – and she was aiming atNagpur. But when she went for a change of residency permit she was asked to leave India. Thus, in 1987, Miss. Martens left India.

Peter Karre takes over the mantle
In 1988, the Lord threw the mantle on Mr. K. Peter, who was dedicated to the responsibility by the International President at that time - Mr. Allan George. It was a step of 'No Turning Back'. With Mr. Peter at the helm, CEF started off by planning to establish the ministry in 5 regions of AP namely - Andhra, Telangana, Rayalseema, Prakasam and Ranga Reddy regions.

In the 34 years of ministry gone by, the Lord gave us many workers who have served and then gone on to serve the Lord in other different places. Some of the recent milestones in the history of CEF, Hyderabad:

  • In 1993, the Lord enabled us to start the work in Visakhapatnam with Mr. Jayaker, to cover the Andhra Region.
  • In 2003, the Lord enabled us to start the work in Nizamabad with Mr A D Raj, to cover the Telangana Region.
  • In 2005, the Lord enabled us to start the ministry in Ongole with Mr Jeremiah, to cover the Prakasam region.
  • In 2007, the Lord enabled us to start the ministry in Kurnool with Mr Prem, to cover the Rayalaseema region.
We have been able to reach over 500,000 children through the home clubs, schools, clubs, rallies, retreats, hostel camps, camp good news, village ministry, slum ministry, parks, beaches, on the roads, birthday parties, watermelon parties, street children, jail children and Birthday party for Jesus.

Making inroads in the East
Since Mr Peter took up the responsibility as the Northern States Director in 1994, he was required to start the ministry in the East of India. After much prayer and deliberation, the Lord has helped us to make inroads into Bihar, Calcutta and Orissa. We are training people to take up the responsibility in these needy areas and are looking forward for the Lord to do greater things in the days to come.

Mr Jayaker appointed as the Director
When the National Director, Mr Prabhu Joshua was called to glory, Mr Peter Karre was appointed as the National Director. Mr Jayaker became the natural choice for the Director for the Hyderabad chapter.


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