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  CEF, Hyderabad conducts a variety of programs to reach the children with the gospel:
  • Good News clubs
  • Five-day clubs
  • Rallies / Retreats / Camps
  • Camp Good News
  • Open-air ministry
  • Village Ministry
  • Church Retreats
  • Family Seminars and Parents' Seminars

Good News Clubs
The GOOD NEWS CLUB (GNC) is a registered program of the CEF. This program is a very successful concept and has been a unique tool in helping us reach the unreached. We conduct GNCs at homes and in schools.

At homes - It is a weekly, hour-long program, conducted in Christian homes where the children of the neighbourhood are gathered and taught the Word of God. This is done systematically, in an interesting way, with games and activities that hold the attention of youngsters. GNCs are conducted in such a way that their priorities like academics and other extracurricular activities are not affected.

We are looking for more homes to open up to these programs, in enabling us to reach more children.

Children wait eagerly to hear God’s Word and are ready to learn and benefit. Many little children have surprised their parents by the change in their lives after attending the GNC and we praise God immensely for that.

The same program held in the schools are called School Good News Clubs.

Five-day clubs
Five-day clubs are conducted during summer vacations. These five day summer programs are usually conducted in new places. Upon completion, activities continue as Good News Clubs for the rest of the year. This program is a good alternative if a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program is not possible.

Rallies / Retreat / Camps
These programs are full or half-day long and are aimed at giving children a refreshing Christ-centered time away from their academic schedule. This event may be a day camp, a retreat or a camp follow-up meeting, with special programs for children.

Camp Good News
This is a yearly program and lasts three to four days. The children in attendance stay together, are given Bible lessons and are told missionary stories. In addition, they are taught about family prayer, living with other children, and loving and helping one another.

The children are taught songs, shown Christian films, and encouraged to compete for prizes in quizzes, memory-verse contests and many more activities that develop the child in all areas of life to live, move and learn with children from different backgrounds.

Through these programs, we have been blessed in more ways than one - many children and young people who come to help as Volunteers from different Churches and denominations, make commitments to:

  • Become full-time workers for the Lord.
  • Get involved in any ministry.
  • Live life which is pleasing to God.

There are numerous testimonies of young ones, over the years, whose lives have proved their commitment was a meaningful one.

Open-air Ministry
The founder of CEF, Jesse Irvin Overholtzer's emphasis was on reaching millions of little ones around the world through open-air evangelism. CEF counsels children to proclaim the gospel wherever they go.

Village Ministry
It is estimated, that in Andhra Pradesh state alone, there are about 30,000 villages and thandas (hamlets where tribals live). Christian ministry in villages is primarily focused on the elders and CEF concentrates on the spiritual needs of children in these rural areas. This is a ministry that needs more attention.

Church Retreats
CEF conducts programs for children when churches and organizations have retreats or special events. Children are kept occupied with games, bible lessons and other interesting things.

Party Clubs
Children are attracted to lively and cheerful gatherings. CEF Hyderabad arranges for parties like Watermelon parties, Easter parties and Birthday parties for Jesus (BPJ). These parties are similar to a GNC, but with more games and something special for all to enjoy.

In the summer holidays CEF works in different places to conduct watermelon parties. In a watermelon party, the song, verse, lesson and games are centered around a watermelon. Easter and Christmas parties are conducted to emphasize and outline the reason for the season.

Besides our party clubs, we will help any child celebrate their Birthday with a party, using the opportunity to give the Gospel to the little ones around their house, thereby making it a second birthday for many little ones who will be born into God’s family.

  CEF conducts seminars on various child and family-oriented subjects. Contact us to conduct any of the following seminars:

  • Child-Parent Relationships
  • Bringing up Children (for Parents)
  • The Importance of Children and the Ministry
  • The Home, and the Godly Atmosphere Needed in the Home
  • How to be an SSSS. (Super Sunday-school Superintendent)


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