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Courses for Teachers
  CEF has teacher-training programs with thousands of hours of experience and a department dedicated to research. Courses are constantly updated to match today's children who are learning newer things sooner in life. Our courses range from one-day long to three month Leadership Training Institute (LTI) programs. These courses prepare full-time workers for an effective and fruitful ministry among children. Those who enroll are taught to share the gospel with unsaved children and give the needed teaching to the saved children. The fact that over 4 million children are reached with the Gospel every year (all over the world) is a testimony to what the training equips the teacher to do.

Ten-day Training Course
  This course is conducted during the summer vacations for school teachers, Sunday school teachers, and under-graduate students. Subjects include:
  • The Wordless Book (for personal evangelism)
  • Bible Lessons
  • Good News Club (to encourage them to start one)
  • Memory verse and Song (to teach in an effective and interesting way)
  • Biblical Basis for Child Evangelism
  • Victorious Life
  • Open-air Preaching
  • Child Study (to understand children better)
  • Visual Aids (for children to remember better what they learn)

Exams are conducted in practical subjects to test their knowldge, understanding and application levels. The standards are set high - an 80 percentile is required to clear the CEF training. Teachers are awarded certificates upon completion. This is an excellent training course for developing good teachers for Sunday Schools, VBSs and other children-related ministries.

Level I Training
  This is a systematic weekly course conducted for 2 hours over a period of 12 weeks. The total teaching time is 24 hours. Though the number of subjects is less than in the ten-day training, subjects are covered in greater depth followed by exams. Exams are held on non-teaching days and the certificate awarded on successful completion is accepted in any CEF office across the world.

Three-day Training
  This is a brief certificate course that covers the main subjects such as Biblical Basis for Child Evangelism, Wordless book, Bible lesson, GNC, Memory Verse and Song and a few games to help make your Bible class / Sunday School / VBS interesting. Only the Wordless Book exam is conducted.

One-day Training
  We teach all the important subjects very briefly to help teachers understand the importance of training. One Month Leadership Training Institute (In Regional Languages - Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam) The One month LTI in the four vernacular languages trains local people who do not have knowledge of English and also for the benefit of the local children who do not understand English. This training develops a teacher in every way necessary for ministry – physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Many teachers who took this training have testified about the impact the training has had in their ministry. This One Month LTI is held on the odd years, like 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on. This training is basically for people interested in joining full-time ministry. Exams are conducted with a pass mark of 80 percent.

Three Month Leadership Training Institute
  This is a Diploma course recognized in many countries in the world. This course is held in English and is a full-fledged training to prepare anyone interested in full-time ministry among children. This training is conducted in the even years (2, 4, 6, etc) and includes the one month LTI. This course prepares teachers to train others and also to be able to manage and maintain an office. This training has been held from the past 35 years with hundreds being trained and being used all over India and neighbouring countries. The three months are three different phases.
  • Phase I - how to teach children
  • Phase II - how to conduct training programs and
  • Phase III - administration.

Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) Training This training is for children who have just completed 10th standard or Inter (1st year) and want to use their free time, before the beginning of the next academic year, for the Lord. They can contribute in summer ministry or help their Church or Sunday School in their VBS programs. Some young people from south India have gone to North India as summer missionaries to assist in children’s ministry.

Courses for Children
  A method to reach children faster is by training children and preparing them to reach their age friends at school, home and play. These trainings can be held in your home, Sunday School or church. They can go to places where we cannot go as adults.

For more information on our training programs, email info@cefhyderabad.org


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